This is an episode filled with hope for the future. What is the untapped potential of a Budtender? What can customers expect, or even demand, from the service they receive? How are Budtenders influencing the culture of the cannabis industry? What responsibilities do they have when it comes to making meaningful change? How do Budtenders effect the stigma around cannabis? How can they contribute to the fight for racial equality? What questions should they be asking themselves to effectively check their white privilege in an excessively white industry? Why is a Budtender not “just a Budtender”? What advice can be shared with first time consumers? What advice can be shared with newer Budtenders?

Tune in as we explore answers to all the above questions and much more.

About Brent Bradley

On a brisk November evening in 1988, a secret government-funded coalition convened at an undisclosed summit base somewhere in the Rockies. Comprised of scientists, government officials (and some say extraterrestrial ambassadors), this coalition came together for the sole purpose of creating the perfect weed smoking soldier. Using advanced DNA sequencing technology, attributes like lung capacity, terpene detection and munchie preparation skills were heightened beyond levels achievable without the aide of science. With the help of a surrogate mother recruited from rural Kansas, 9 months later Trent Tradley was born. Once of legal adult age, the young soldier’s skills were further honed through years of Jason Bourne-like training and synthetic supplementation in a mission later known as “Operation Lotus”. In early 2017, Tradley managed to remove his GPS monitor and went AWOL from Operation Lotus, and is now assumed to be posing as a budtender in the Pacific Northwest under an unknown (but likely unoriginal) alias.

Unlocking the potential of a budtender

About the podcast

Hash It Out is here as a resource for consumers who take an interest in the future of the cannabis industry. We are currently at a crossroads where it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about which companies to support with our hard earned dollars. In a landscape where quality is no longer a distinguishing factor, how do we as consumers decided who’s products to buy? Hash It Out is a series of conversations that dig into the bigger questions around how a business is effecting the future of cannabis, what values they model, and why they do what they do.

Further resources

Minority Cannabis Business Association’s website

Check out Green Health!

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