Celebrate the anniversary of the Hash It Out Podcast with a personal update from founder and host, Micayla Harland!

I give first hand insight into where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing (spoiler: cooking up a tiny human), and what’s next for Hash It Out Productions.

After the brief intro, Hannah O’Brien of Confident Cannabis sits down with me to discuss the company mission to bring transparency to cannabis test results in the latest Hash It Out episode.  We chat about how Confident Cannabis’ model of connecting cannabis businesses based on accessible, accountable information helps transform the consumers purchasing decisions; as well as, our personal relationships to the plant. How industry professionals and consumers can positively impact cannabis’ future is a large part of our discussion this episode. We also chat about the progress and pitfalls of cannabis laboratories and how consumers can navigate test results more confidently.

Some topics covered in this episode…

  • The services Confident Cannabis provides such as Lab Integrated Management Systems or LIMS and Connect, a visual representation of chemical data paired with strain names and regions.
  • How the Confident Cannabis wholesale marketplace based on lab generated test results makes sales easier for producers, processors, and retailers.
  • ODA Hemp production as a point of entry to the cannabis industry. How does it differ from OLCC licensed production? What freedoms and frustrations might come with it from a data driven perspective.
  • The long way cannabis laboratories have come, the legislative and practical obstacles that still lay ahead, and the way this affects the consumer experience.

Connect Card Comparison

About Hannah

01 Hannah_OBrien_Confident_Cannabis_01

Hannah O’Brien is Operations Manager for Confident Cannabis. Hannah is responsible for supporting labs and their clients with the onboarding process, implementation and integration of METRC and state tracking systems. She has experience leading teams at several high-growth technology companies, including operations for the peer-to-peer marketplace Shift. Prior to beginning a career in technology, Hannah travelled the world in an awesome way, earning her language teaching certification through Cambridge and teaching English abroad in France and Korea. Hannah holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and French from Colorado University at Boulder. She’s an avid hiker who loves experiencing the peaks of high mountains.

About Confident Cannabis

Confident_Cannabis_Hannah_OBrien_013Founded on instilling trust and transparency in the marketplace, Confident Cannabis empowers all verticals in the supply chain—and ultimately consumers—to know what is made, who makes it, and what it’s made of in real-time. It’s the only place where cannabis producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers showcase and discover products from verified businesses with test results directly from licensed labs.


About the podcast

Hash It Out is here as a resource for consumers who take an interest in the future of the cannabis industry. We are currently at a crossroads where it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about which companies to support with our hard earned dollars. In a landscape where quality is no longer a distinguishing factor, how do we as consumers decided who’s products to buy? Hash It Out is a series of conversations that dig into the bigger questions around how a business is effecting the future of cannabis, what values they model, and why they do what they do.

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