CBD is everywhere. And visibility is only growing. We are hearing about it on the radio, the news, and all over social media. We are seeing it in grocery stores, vitamin shops, health food stores, and dispensaries. But, what is this so called miracle product? In defined, scientific terms, what is CBD and what are the effects we can reasonably expect? With CBD widely available in brick and mortar stores as well as online, hell even Amazon, how do we choose what products are safe and right for us? What should we be aware of? Is it safe? Is it legal? What is the best way to take it?

Join me as I sit down with Bridget Gavin, Curriculum Director and Founder of Symbiosis Cannabis Education to have a broad conversation about CBD. We address all of these questions and more. We also address common misconceptions about CBD and ultimately empower listeners to feel confident in their purchasing decisions.

About Bridget

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Bridget Gavin is the Founder of Symbiosis Cannabis Education based in Eugene, Oregon. She began her foray into Cannabis during Oregon’s medical era working as a farm hand for the regenerative cannabis farm, Bloom Hill Botanicals. In early 2015, Gavin set out to expand her knowledge of Cannabis and so began her 4 year journey in Retail Cannabis. Working at multiple organizations in diverse roles such as budtending and purchasing, she had continuous exposure to the full gamut of cannabis products, their production methods, and uses. Working directly with myriad Cannabis companies, she had hands-on experience that equipped her with an education not easily rivaled. In early 2019, armed with a unique expertise, Bridget decided to funnel her knowledge into creating a curriculum for Cannabis professionals as well as knowledge-hungry consumers. Bridget is dedicated to people taking health into their own hand and hopes to further enable this by providing clarity about the safe use of Cannabis.

About Symbiosis

Symbiosis Cannabis Education was founded with the goal of empowering consumers and setting standards in the quickly evolving cannabis industry. All facets of the cannabis industry affect one another. Symbiosis Cannabis Education aims to curate positive connections between the different channels of legal cannabis so that all aspects benefit one another. Transparency of information ensures that the consumers can vote with their dollar, supporting the companies and brands that employ the practices the customer most aligns with. SCE offers courses designed for curious cannabis consumers, as well as, those seeking to begin or affirm their careers in the cannabis industry. Our mission is battle stigma and elevate the legalized cannabis industry by creating accessible cannabis information for professionals and consumers. Connect with Symbiosis on Instagram @symbiosiscannabisedu

About the Podcast

Hash It Out is here as a resource for consumers who take an interest in the future of the cannabis industry. We are currently at a crossroads where it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about which companies to support with our hard earned dollars. In a landscape where quality is no longer a distinguishing factor, how do we as consumers decided who’s products to buy? Hash It Out is a series of conversations that dig into the bigger questions around how a business is effecting the future of cannabis, what values they model, and why they do what they do. @hash_it_out


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